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Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley Confectionery celebrates the goodness and bounty of its fertile namesake valley by using berries, fruits, nuts and dairy products from local farms. Our small-batch, handcrafted candies are free of all artificial colorings and preservatives.  We use old-fashioned copper kettles and heirloom recipes to deliver unsurpassed flavors.   



How long will my confections stay fresh?

Because we use no preservatives we do not warehouse our confections. That means that you will receive product that is fresh.

The products that we sell to retail stores have a best by date on each label. Most of our products have a three-month shelf life (in the original sealed package, unexposed to extreme heat or cold). 

Our retail partners are careful to order amounts that will sell quickly, so that they can keep their displays stocked with fresh items!

Any serving suggestions?

All of our delightful confections are at their peak at room temperature, when their flavors are allowed to bloom!

How long can they be stored?

We think you should consume them soon after you receive them, they are at their peak. Should you wish to keep them longer store them in a cool room in a sealed container. Wrap different confections separately. Avoid refrigeration.  Freezing is never recommended.

Do you make confections for special diets?

  • The ingredient list on our packaging is accurate and complete.
  • We use no ingredients that have gluten. We do not, however, claim to be absolutely gluten free, but rather “No Gluten Ingredients” is displayed. We do not recommend our products to those that are most sensitive to gluten.
  • We make our Pâte de Fruit in the traditional European manner with pectin and NO gelatin, so it’s Vegan by tradition.
  • Our various seeded brittles are Vegan by design! While they do not contain nuts they are produced in a kitchen where nuts are in use.
  • Soy lecithin is used as an emulsifier in all of the chocolate we use. Soy is also present in a trace amount in our Pâte de Fruit (due to the spray oil we use on our molds).
  • We do not currently make sugar-free or low-sugar confections.
  • We use a high quality non-GMO glucose (derived from corn) in many products: Pâte de Fruit, Brittles, Truffles.

What kind of sugar do you use?

We use Beet Sugar, sourced from Idaho.

What kind of coloring do you use?

 We most frequently let the gorgeous colors of our fruits and berries speak for themselves.  Otherwise, we use only preservative-free, vegetable-based food colorings made for us by Colormaker.

Do you use organic ingredients?

Some of our ingredients are organic, but all of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers, growers and producers that use good practices.

Kosher products?

Not yet.

What chocolate do you use?

That is dependent on the flavor profile or whether it’s used as a Couverture or Ganache. We currently use Kakao Berlin, Callebaut, Albert Uster and Ghirardelli.

Do you have a storefront?

Not yet. Our deliciousness is available at many fine retail partners. We do a few favorite shows each year, primarily during the holidays. Sign up for email blasts and we’ll let you know when we venture out of the kitchen!

Do you make donations to charity?

We do, but the demand is overwhelming and we’re promised far into the future. We do have a program for making Gift baskets at wholesale for qualifying organizations. Send a letter stating the nature of your charity, time of event and any other pertinent information to