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Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley Confectionery celebrates the goodness and bounty of its fertile namesake valley by using berries, fruits, nuts and dairy products from local farms. Our small-batch, handcrafted candies are free of all artificial colorings and preservatives.  We use old-fashioned copper kettles and heirloom recipes to deliver unsurpassed flavors.   

Jacobsen Salt Company Tillamook, Oregon

I didn’t rush to jump on the Sea Salt Caramel bandwagon. It didn’t seem productive to add a product that was too similar to those of other confectioners. Then I tasted Jacobsen’s incredible sea salt. OMG. A little while later we had a breakthrough with caramel. We were testing recipes for a project and were blown away when we tasted the one we now use. We didn’t have a choice; fate brought these two perfect ingredients together!

Proprietor Ben Jacobsen was long a fan of premium salts before he taught himself his trade (beginning with a near disaster for his first foray). Soon, however, he was making headway and creating a product that became an overnight success. He likes to point out that his is the first salt made on the Oregon coast since Lewis & Clark boiled off 28 pounds in 1806.

Jacobsen didn’t arrive magically on the spot in Netarts where he gathers water. He tested Pacific water in many spots over a long testing period. One of the selling points for Netarts Bay is the natural filtering system afforded by the tidal action.

As Jacobsen refines new products we’ll be keeping careful watch… and creating new complementary products. 

Jacobsen Salt Company