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Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley Confectionery celebrates the goodness and bounty of its fertile namesake valley by using berries, fruits, nuts and dairy products from local farms. Our small-batch, handcrafted candies are free of all artificial colorings and preservatives.  We use old-fashioned copper kettles and heirloom recipes to deliver unsurpassed flavors.   

Seely Family Farm Clatskanie, Oregon

The quality of peppermint candy is dependent on the flavoring. We’ve all had some decidedly bad peppermint. Many inexpensive candies use artificial peppermint flavoring that has a metallic sharpness.

When we tasted Seely’s Peppermint patty we were hooked. I talked to Mike Seely about whether he’d sell me some of his peppermint essential oil (aka Magic Elixir). He said yes and we’ve been converts since.

The Seeley family has been raising mint for generations. They swear by their location, near the coast with rich dark soil. The mint is cut only once to get the premium smooth, sweet flavor.

Confectioners are a generous lot, and rarely competitive. We love the Seeley’s candy, especially their exquisite candy canes (worth every cent) and their peppermint patties. Their confections are all created by the aptly named Candy, Mike’s sweet wife. 

Seely Family Farm